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Brown University

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The Official Brown University Community
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Greetings, this community is for students or alumni of Brown University, or people who are just interested in the school. Feel free to discuss almost everything here, I won't moderate very heavily. The exceptions are:

The following will result in post/comment removal without warning:
* "Online-test" results
* Derogatory comments, either pointed at someone specific or made in general -- this refers to being mean, racist, sexist, ageist, or picking on people because of religion, weight or anything else.
* ANYTHING copied, unedited, from a forwarded email. Please ditch the headers, footers and >'s so that it's not all slapdash. That's like littering.
* Repeat posts
* Advertising posts
* Flame wars in comment sections
* Vote for me posts

This is a great place to mention Brown U.-specific events and issues, to gossip about professors and staff, etc.

If you have a bad track record of not posting anything constructive and just flaming people, I won't hesitate to ban you. Thanks :)

>> I, the moderator was class of '01 at Brown. It was a good time. If you would like to be co-moderator, which is really not a particularly large task, email me. And if you can think of any interests I missed listing, also let me know. P.S. Wouldn't mind someone taking this over from me if anyone is interested. <<